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“This book pulls no punches in its investigation of one of the last taboos. Its findings are informative, disturbing and compelling.” Janette B.
“A scholarly but not intimidating read from a Black British writer. Easy to read and understand and well referenced. A worthy addition to any book collection. Thanks Deborah!” Deborah B.

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“At last an author who is willing to tell it like it is on the issue of colourism and the controversial subject of white supremacy.” Leo Slater, former magazine editor at Essex Racial Equality Council.
“This solidly written, intellectual piece of work also addresses the issue as to why  dark skinned people opt to use bleaching creams – is it to give them what they see as a sense of acceptance? Does being lighter make them feel beautiful?” Myrna Loy, Editor of Blackbright NewsDOWNLOAD THE FULL REVIEW
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